Gauri Parbati Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd, my second family placed its foot in the construction business back in 2045 B.S. with a little effort of mine and a complete support of my family. Since then our company has been growing and  learning the techniques of construction and quality improvement. Starting from small projects in hand, now GPNS has became successful to handle multiple projects and has spread its mark on the construction industry of Nepal. GPNS is well known in the market for providing quality work with efficiency and competency. We have been providing services of construction of Roads, Buildings, Bridges, Irrigation, and Water Supply. Quality, Time, Manpower and material management is the key to succeed in any project and I think that GPNS has succeeded in the projects due to the management of these.

We have come a long way building the infrastructure for the development and the goodwill we have earned is our major asset. Starting with the traditional techniques of construction, now I believe to enhance the traditional techniques with the use of modern ideas and processes. Using more efficient methods, construction work will get more easy and fast. GPNS will always welcome those who can develop creative ideas and who has the zeal to work hard.

Thank You,
Ram Kumar Thapa