Something that has driven Gauri Parbati Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd this far in the field of construction in Nepal is its experience in constructing and maintaining bridges.We have a very good experience and good team of engineers for constructing bridges that are of national importance. Bridges are always a challenge while constructing since it needs to be constructed in the river basin. Without proper knowledge and expertise it is difficult for anyone to build these structures. But, we have been very successful in constructing number of bridges in Nepal.

Apart from constructing new bridges, GPNS is well known in the field of retrofitting of bridges by using new and latest technologies in Nepal. We have successfully maintained more than 200 bridges from east part of Nepal to the far west part and have been well known for this job. We have a specialized team who are very dedicated and well experienced in maintaining bridges. It is all because of their expertise that we have been successful in maintaining old bridges in Nepal. Use of sand blasting technology to paint the structure, carbon fiber to strengthen the structure, replacement of old expansion joints, replacement of old bearing, lifting of bridges with low abutment height, use of high strength self compacting micro concrete for concreting of broken bridges etc are some of the technology that we have been using to strengthen old bridges.

Bridges like Ratuwa Khola Bridge, Bakraha Khola Bridge, Kajala bridge, Marsyandi Bridge, Thalaha Khola Bridge, Sunkoshi Bridge, Singati Bridge, Manohara Bridge, Bhaluhi River Bridge, RCC Bridge over Bagmati River, and other suspension bridges are among the bridges that GPNS has constructed. Similarly, maintenance of Muglin Suspension Bridge, Bagmati Bridge, Dhobikhola Bridge, Bridges of Godawari, Bhaktapur and lalitpur, Maintenance of Tamor and Mai Khola Bridges, Kaligandaki Bridge, Bheri Bridge, Kankai and Solti Bridge and bridges along east west highway and other feeder roads are some of the bridges that GPNS has maintained.