I’m very pleased to be a part of a company which has gained so much respect and has reached to a level where other has not yet been able to reach. As a Director (Finance) of this company, it is my duty and responsibility to look after the overall financial position and take decisions regarding the investment being made by the company in various sectors. Our investment in the capital expenditure earlier in the year is proving to have been the right decision as we now have the capability to mobilize intense capital we have invested on to complete our projects on time. Past few years have been a golden period for the company with more that 275% growth in turnover and 398% Net profit growth. This has been a good sign of company growing to a bigger volume and I am thus very happy with the growth we have achieved for these years.

Over the 30 Years we have served as a construction business house and now we will be planning to invest in some of the businesses which will have a very long term impact on the economic growth of the company and thus make us more recognized in the industry of Nepal. We have gained a good client base and also a huge supplier base who have always found us very competent and professional in the construction business and trusted us so much. This might be a reason that has enabled us to grow larger and bigger each year.

I have been working in this organization from past few years and this organization has surely given me the opportunity to practice my professional degree of Chartered Accountant and thus I am very happy and satisfied with what I have gained being in this organization. It is my pleasure to work in such business which my family has been doing for the past 30 years.


Thank You,


C.A. Nabina Thapa

Director (Finance)