Gauri Parbati Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd has a broad range of experience working with private, government and International Organization in Nepal. We specialize in construction of new structures and maintenance of existing structures. Working in projects ranging from small scale to large scale in the area like building construction and maintenance, factories, bridges construction and maintenance, roads construction, irrigation, hydropower and transmission line, GPNS has always created a positive impact on the market of construction company in Nepal.  We have gained expertise in the field of construction management, project management and corporate social responsibility management. Below listed are some of the areas we have gained expertise on.

1. Building Construction and Maintenance:
GPNS has been very successful and has gained good reputation in constructing commercial buildings, government buildings, hotel and resort buildings and factories.

2.Bridge Construction and Maintenance:
We have always been known in the market for our remarkable contribution we have provided in the field of construction of bridges and repair and maintenance of old bridges.

3. Road Construction:
From construction of new roads to upgrading/improvement of existing roads, GPNS has a gained a good experience and expertise over the past 30 years of its establishment.

4. Irrigation:
Apart from the building, bridges and roads, GPNS has worked in some canal works and head works of irrigation projects too.

5. Transmission Line:
Construction of Transmission line towers and joining of transmission line to the national grid are some of the areas where GPNS has created its impact.