Gauri Parbati Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd has been serving it’s customers from the last 30 years and has created a remarkable impact in the field of construction. It has completed more than 50 numbers of Government and Private Buildings. Below listed is the buildings completed by GPNS within last 10 years and includes only the major ones.

                                                                                                                      Completed Building Works
S.N. Name of Project Name of Client  Agreement Date Completion Date  Total Contract Amount NRs. (Including VAT) Total Final Received Amount NRs. (Including VAT)
1 Construction of Deluxe Resort at Mechinagar Municipality, Jhapa Vegas City Entertainment, Dhulikhel, Kavre 16thSep, 2016 16thSep, 2016 332,089,312.5 432,996,589.31
2 Construction of Office Building of the Auditor General , Kathmandu, DUDBC, BCMDO/Ktm,Anamnagar 8/21/2016 11/11/2021 542,228,091.69 622,048,565.05
3 Construction of Ghorahi Conference Hall, Ghorahi Dang Project Office of Urban Development and Building Construction Ghorahi Dang 7/13/2017 8/10/2021 267,718,903 277,076,210
4 Construction of (SHDC Handicaft Development Center) Building at Department of Cottage and Small industry, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal Federal Secretariat Construction & Management Office Sanogauchran, Kathmandu, Nepal 7/13/2018 1/8/2021 150,853,998 164,661,781.23
5 Construction of Administrative Building inside Special Ecomomic Zone Project(EPZ), Bhairahawa, Contract No. 07/065/066 Special Ecomomic Zone Project, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. 15-Feb-14 790,720,789.23 83,003,829.23
6 Construction of UNICEF/UNFPA Common Premises in the Compound of the One UN House, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Nepal Office, Manbhawan 28th Feb 2018 28th June 2019 151,066,180.05 151,311,292.95
7 Construction of Three School Buildings in Gorkha District, Contract No: ESRP/DOE/NCB/073/074- Gorkha 10 Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Education), Gyaneshwor 22nd Dec, 2017 20th May, 2019 177,450,224.61 177,450,224.61
8 Construction of Technical Cum Administative Building Compex at Padsari, Bhairahawa, Contract No. NT/Civil – 09/066/067/ Nepal Telecom, Bhadrakali Plaza, kathmandu, Nepal. 7/15/2067 11/16/2069 183,631,463.41 169,222,942.86
9 Construction of Distrct Court Office Building, Khotang, Diktel, contract No. 01/066/067 District Court Office, Khotang 8/24/2066 2/26/2069 40,017,928.60 41,770,432.54
10 Babarmahal Telecom Building 7th floor fire damage portion maintenance works Nepal Telecom, Babarmahal, Kathmandu 16-Feb-17 11,040,293.18 11,040,293.18
11 Construction of Annex Domestic Terminal Building and Associated works, Contract No. 13/CMD/TOACAP/068/069 CAAN, TIA,  Civil Avition Office, Gauchar, Kathmadu, Nepal 1/15/2013 4/12/2016 104,699,589.83 119,853,654.98
12 Construction of United Mission Hospital Tansen NSI Training  Hostel building works at Tansen Palpa Unteded Mission Hospital Tansen’s, Palpa 16th April 2013 Agust 15th, 2014 21,055,170.00 34,021,786.20
13 Construction of Service Building, Public Toilet and waste water Treatment plant in side Bhairahawa (EPZ), Contract No. 09/065/066 Special Ecomomic Zone Project, Bhairahawa 2065/2066 (2009) 2072 (July 31, 2015) 57,251,156.03 54,388,598.23
14 Re-construction of RCC Earthquake Resistant Buildings for Four Schools CARITAS SWITZERLAND, Nepal Office, Lalitpur, Nepal 22nd March, 2017 22nd April, 2019 61,585,267.83 62,774,383.8
15 Construction of Five School Buildings at Gorkha District, Contract No: ESRP/DOE/NCB/06-Gorkha 4 Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Education), Gyaneshwor 25th September, 2016 25th September, 2016 301,489,370.89 301,489,370.89
16 Construction of Five School Buildings at Lalitpur District, Contract No: ESRP/DOE/NCB/01-Lalitpur 01 Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Education), Gyaneshwor 26th May, 2016 21st March , 2019 261,086,452.54 266,503,968.93
17 Construction of Biratnagar Bus Terminal, Contract No: K2L-038-R Biratnagar Metropolitan City, Office of Municipal Executive, Biratnagar, Morang 1/1/2017 9/1/2018 84,700,790.25 89,460,705.42
18 Okhaldhunga-Rampur-Lapsekhola Road Sub Project, Contract No: MoFALD/EEAP/OKH/W/PDRF/01 National Reconstruction Authority Central Level Project Implementation Unit, District Level Project Implementation Unit Grant Management & Local Infrastructure Okhaldhunga 1/7/2018 9/1/2022 265,451,421.55 265,451,421.55
19 School Infrastructure Works in Partnership with World Vision International, Nepal, Construction of 3 School Building in Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha, Contract No: SIWP/NPL/CSB-2017-01 United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Nepal, Bishalnagar, Kathmandu 23rd August, 2017 28th Feb, 2019 98,844,462.59 93,396,224.25